N3, USA ~ West Sumatra Province is an area which has good tourism development in Indonesia, the beauty of nature, cultures and various cuisines, which are giving the completeness of the tourism potential. But from the development of West Sumatra tourism also requires variety of transportations infrastructure development that supporting the flow of tourists who are increase in every year.

It is was explained by the Governour of West Sumatra Irwan Prayitno that Investment opportunities in West Sumatra at a business forum with KADIN Illinois, in Chicago United States, Monday morning (26/3/2018) at 09.00 (GMT-5) based on local time.

He was accompanying by the Head of the Capital Investment Office, One Stop Integrated Licensing, Head of West Sumatera Transportation Office, and Section Head of Implementation of Investment Promotion and Manage Subag of Foreign Cooperation.

Many investors and academics who are interested  and listen to the potential West Sumatra, such as an Executive Director of Int'l Business Council Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Chicago.

Ennes Int'l Financing for International Trade and Investment Chicago. Executive Trade International Association of Greater Chicago.Chairperson / Mid-America Asian Culture Association Kansas City. Director of Bussines Development, World Bussines Chicago.

Chair, Division of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship College of Bussines, Governors state of University, Chichago. President / Chief Buyer of Sea Perfection America Coorporation Chicago.

Furthermore, Governour Irwan Prayitno also said that besides the huge of tourism potential, West Sumatra also has geothermal renewable energy potential which is huge in Indonesia.

Because of West Sumatra facing the Indian Ocean, it has many world fish potentials such as tuna and other fishes that need investment in processing and catching them.

In the development of the world economy, West Sumatra has potential as a center of trade of west side of Indonesia to the world market, India zajirah Arab, and African continent. Of course investment in trading services, and also includes investment for plantation, agriculture, mining and quarrying potential and so on, said Irwan Prayitno.

Previously, Governour Irwan Prayitno had the opportunity to exchange memorial plaques and photo sessions, after he has been presenting and explaining Investment opportunities in the field of energy, tourism, marine and trading in Ranah Minang in front of KADIN Illinois, USA. 
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