N3 Payakumbuh – On the anniversary of 72nd Indonesian Independence Day , there is a unique among the participants of the parade that enliven the day worth of history of the Republic of Indonesia. A beautiful Russian girl took part in allegorical parade exhibited by a high school in the city of Payakumbuh (19/08)

Elza Safiullina (26) from the city of Ufa Russia, participated in the allegorical parade of SMKN 4 Payakumbuh. Wearing traditional Minangkabau dress. At the moment this Russian girl invited thousands of spectators to look at her.

"I have already living in Payakumbuh for  two days at my friend's house in Labuh Basilang, I want to stay for 2 weeks here", she said.

"Coincidentally my friend studying in SMKN 4 Payakumbuh so I was invited to participate in the march." I really love this traditional dress I weared  ", she added.

When www.nusantaranews.net asking about her impression during her stay in the city Payakumbuh, this beautiful Russian girl said that she was amazed with the charm of tourism Payakumbuh and hospitality of the residents. "I say to all people in Payakumbuh, Dirgahayu Republic of Indonesia 72nd ", said Elza

Head of Education Office Payakumbuh Drs. Agustion admitted impressed with the appearance of Elsa. "I am impressed with this Russian girl who is proud to wear traditional Minangkabau dress", he said.

"To the young generation, especially the students, I want them to be always uphold and maintain the good culture of dresses, behavior and hospitality that has been famous for people out there,", appealed Agustion (Rahmat Sitepu)