N3 Payakumbuh - Bhayangkara Kejora 85 Open Road Race successfully held at the terminal circuit Koto Nan Ampek urban village Bulakan Balai Kandi Payakumbuh West Payakumbuh City.

This motor race event hosted by Payakumbuh City followed by dozens of teams originating from West Sumatra and neighboring provinces such as Padang City, Sijunjung, Padang Panjang, Agam-Bukit Tinggi, Pasaman, Batu Sangkar and Bangkinang.

As many as 15 classes are competed in Bhayangkara Kejora 85 Open Road Race 2017, among others, Class Bebek to 150 cc Lkh Tune Up (MP1 & MP2), Bebek to 110cc 4lkh Tune Up Open Beginner (MP3), Bebek 125 cc 4lkh Tune Up Starter (MP4), Bebek to  125cc 4lkh Open Standard (MP6), Bebek to 125 cc 4lkh Local Tune Up, Bebek to 130cc 2lkh Open Standards, Matic 130cc Open Standards, Matic 115 Cc Standard Newbie Open, Matic 115cc Local Beginner's Standard, 115cc Matic Standard Student Starter Max 17 Years Old, Sport to 115cc Open Standards, Open Scooter FFA, 115cc Non-Winning Standard Matic, Bebek to  125cc 4 Step Begin Open Non Champion And Supermotto to 250cc Open Non SE.

Thousands of spectators meet the area of ​​Koto Nan Ampek terminal circuit.Including the fans of motor racing as well as the team officials of each participant. The audience can enjoy the activities of the crew in their paddock respectively.

Rinaldi, Chief Executive of Open Road Race 2017, accompanied by Robi field coordinator, said that this activity was first held by youth organization in Payakumbuh city.

"Alhamdulillah this event run successfully without experiencing obstacles in the field, thanks to a solid cooperation of the committee who carry out their duties with full responsibility," he said.

Member of Parliament Payakumbuh Wulan Denura, S.St convey high appreciation to the organizers who have successfully held this event. "We are very proud of the young people can hold this great event, hopefully the future of the youth can hold a similar event," said Srikandi Gerindra. (Rahmat Sitepu)
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