N3, Payakumbuh - The Special Committee I of the House of Representatives (DPRD) Payakumbuh along Ranperda Drafting Team on the Implementation of Education headed by Assistant II Payakumbuh, Amriul Dt. Karaiang, along with the ranks of Payakumbuh Education Department and Legal Department held meetings discussion of the draft regulation on the Implementation of Education in the local parliament.

his discussion is in order finalized and enhance the draft regulation on the Implementation of Education proposed by Payakumbuh Government some time ago. Thus conveyed Vice Chairman of the Special Committee I of the DPRD Payakumbuh Ir. Ahmad Zifal.

Discussion colored with various debates on the rules set forth in the draft regulation that area makes it increasingly difficult and requires seriousness in the discussion of, among other things, because there are some drafts that we use today need to add or revise according to the rules that apply mainly “Undang-Undang Nomor 23 of 2014” regarding the delegation of authority from the start level of high school to college to the provincial and Central Government  

Ir. Ahmad Zifal said that the discussion of draft local regulations (Ranperda) on the implementation of education has gradually been discussed earlier in the meeting, however, this meeting in order to improve and entered the stage of finalization before plenary session, said his.

He continued, even we, the committee itself has made visits to several areas as well as to the Ministry of Education of Republic of Indonesia, there are few things we can take from meeting. “There as to be a reference in the perfection of the discussion preparation (Ranperda) on the implementation of educations, so that later, after (Ranperda) this into law is not collide with a higher rule ", hope Ahmad Zifal. (Rahmat Sitepu)