N3 Payakumbuh - Various knick knacks costumes made of bamboo appear displayed by the models of high school students of Payakumbuh City who joined in the community of art lovers. Although viewed oddly by the eye of some visitors, but if it is viewed in terms of artistic, innovation and creativity will lead to a motivation.

In the world of designers, diversity of ideas, and creativity do flow swiftly every time. There are always fresh ideas that want to be realized in a series of clothing that would be offered on the market. How can bamboo be used in the fashion world to become clothing accessories in the form of wings cloth, in the form of a hat, costume skirt and so forth

On second day of Payakumbuh Bamboo Festival 2017  which is located in the parking lot of Kubu Gadang Stadium, some beautiful models presented fashion products with bambo-based.(27/11)

“Payakumbuh Street  Festival as one of the big event of Payakumbuh Bamboo Festival 2017 aims to give birth to the idea and poured in the craft and bamboo-based. So that the value of bamboo is no longer as a barrier of the land but an icon of economic value,” stated Yusra Maiza - initiator and creative team.

Yusra Maiza also said, “We hope this kind of event will be repeated with time that has been scheduled so that all the creativity will continue to flow from the activists of art and fashion in our lovely Payakumbuh City”.(Rahmat Sitepu)