N3, Padang City ~ The support for candidate couples for Padang Mayor Emzalmi - Desri Ayunda (EmDes) in the election of regional head (elections) in 2018 is continuously. 

This condition is strengthened by statements from Public Figures and Youth Figures in each districts of Padang.

Lena Rasyid, one of the Public Figures in Batang Arau Sub-district,  expressed her support for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Padang Emzalmi-Desri Ayunda (EmDes) in the 2018 elections.

According to her, the figure of Emzalmi is a Father figure, who is humble and protects and able to protect the community with his experiences during his role in Padang City Government.

Likewise with Desri Ayunda, although  she did not know him in personally, but from the news and information she got, Desri Ayunda is a quite popular figure and also low profile in the community.

" Hopefully what are information that we heard and read from the media, it becomes a reality " her wishes.