In his working visit to East Java, President Joko Widodo and his wive Iriana Joko Widodo also take a time visit to Mambaus Sholihin's  Islamic Boarding School ini, Gresik, on Thursday, March 8, 2018. His visit was intention to " Silahturahmi " and convey what has been done by the bugovernment.

Arriving at there, President was welcomed by the leader of Mambaus Sholihin Islamic Boarding School :  Masbuchin Faqih.

Yes it's a routine duties we have to do If we want go to regency. I think it is important to explain what has been done by the government and what will be done," he said.

In addition, on this occasion President Joko Widodo requested input ( advises )  from the scholars ( ustads)  . According to him the input of the " ustads "  is very important for the  government.

"We also ask for input to " ustad "  who is  need to be improved, needs to be done that is bigger again." Such inputs I think very important if we go into the anymore, "he continued.

Yes that was, there was nothing related to politics. Asked to Mr. Kiai, "he said.