As a trust becomes host for the 2018 Asian Games that should be a momentum the revival of Indonesia's sporting achievements. It was stated by Professor of Sports Sciences State University of Jakarta (UNJ) is Prof. Dr. James Tangkudung Sportmed MPd in ​​Jakarta, Tuesday, (27/3).

According to him, Indonesia should not be only in the top 10 positions of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, but have to able achieving the top six positions at the 2014 Asian Games filled by Thailand.

"The form of resurrection will be significant if Indonesia that a big country and have ever become Southeast Asian sports giants that able to displace Thailand' s dominance in the 2018 Asian Games," said Coordinator of UNJ's Physical Education Study Program.

He adds more, the target of displacing Thailand at the 2018 Asian Games,  should be the motivation of all sport stakeholders in our country to raise the achievement of Indonesian sports.

"I am optimistic that it can be realized if the preparation are intensified from right now, I am sure we can pass through 6-9 at the 2018 Asian Games," he said.

He expressed that Thailand at the Asian Games in Incheon four years ago, South Korea, got ranked sixth with a total of 47 medals consist of of 12 golds, 7 silvers and 28 bronzes, meanwhile Indonesia was ranked 17th with 4 golds -5 silvers and -11 bronzes.

Based on that data, actually Indonesia got the top sixth with only 12 golds, but he saw an opportunity that Indonesia could be more than 12 golds, he added. 

Ex- Former Deputy Ministry of Youth of Sport (Kemenpora) expressed that the preparation has been done so far, so it is the time for all supervisors to focus on sports that have potential reaching gold, while other branches with potentially medals are increased so that it can become gold.

"Now we are in pre - competition, it is time for all athletes being tested go to abroad, and do not be delayed because we are chasing with the time that is four months away," he said.

In the Asian Games will be hold on August 18, 2018, according to James, Indonesia potential to win two golds in badminton, pencak silat, and wushu. Meanwhile weightlifting, archery, jet skiing and rock climbing are predicted to win one gold.

"The next two to three golds are expected to be achieved in the oars, and cycling, that is 1 to 2 golds per branch," said by the pshycometric sport teacher .

According to him, as the data of Indonesian athletes, so the development of Asian achievements, and mapping of the Asian Games later, 12 golds are could be realized .

Increasing more bonus

As also expressed by James Tangkudung, who formerly of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI)  to, several time ago, he expressed that needs to boost the spirit of athletes by increasing the bonus they got.

He encourages the government to give bonus to Asian Games's winning athletes  at least Rp2 billion for each of them.

"In fact, I think the government can give gifts up to Rp2, 5 billion," he said.

According to James, the bonus is a motivator for them beside other than motivation such as actualization, pride and also nationalism.

"The bonus is a basic needs and I think that goverment with trillions of funds for the Asian Games would be OK to set aside funds for gold winners and coaches around Rp60 billion," he said.

He also encouraged the public take apart to participate in fundraising for Asian Games 's winning athletes. 
Rel/ Ampera Salim
Editor : Tuty