N3, West Sumatra ~ Today, hundreds of journalists in West Sumatera will held a peaceful action to show their sense of apprehensive about criminalization for their duties as a cordinating organization of public' s  information.

According to Herman Tanjung who has responsibility explains : this peaceful action is to sue for several things. Firstly stopping all kinds of criminalization on handling of press cases in journalist's work by law enforcer.

Secondly, in the handling of press lawsuit, enforcers must be consider to to Law No. 40 of 1999 on the Press.

Next, he also asks all of enforcer in West Sumatera must be pay attention to " Nota kesepahaman Dewan Pers dengan Polri Dan Kejagung " to protect freedom of press. Finally, enforcer have to hold legal proceedings to criminalitator against journalists in West Sumatera.

As the leader of this campaign, Randi Pangeran said that all of participants gathering in Sport Hall (GOR) H Agus Salim will" H. Agus Salim's G which is hold a long march to " Mapolda Sumbar and Kejaksaan Tinggi Sumbar "

According to him, this campaign also as a form of caringness and to maintaining " UU Pers " as a Press's Foundation in Indonesia.

This campaign as a form of caringness from medias like links, printed, electronic and cyber, without bring their press's organization. " It's a pure from their willingness " he said

As same idea with that, Ismail Novendra who is one of from participants said that how his's regret about legal proceedings against press / journalists in West Sumatera recently.

He explains it based on his problem. Before, He's a General Leader of Media Jejak News who is claims for his Media's news.

The claims is made from 7th of September and then in the next day " Surat Perintah Dimulainya Penyidikan " was publish, said him. ( Sunday, 4th of March 2018 )

He also adding, if SPDP was publish, he might be as perpetrator. " Why Polda' s did not have consideration to UU Pers as a legal proceeding's solving, in other hand Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU)  between Press with army and police. February 2017 have been signatured, he said.

One of MoU Dewan Pers point with army and Police, he also said that in " Pasal 4 ayat 2 " saying that " Pihak Kedua " if receiving legal proceedings report also like " Surat Pembaca / opinion " or journalist's Column / Media with society, reports of Pihak Kesatu also perdata proceedings.

According to him, Press's problems which is based on KHUP is not appropriate, since of thera are many proceedings should go through by law enforcer.

" In other hand, before being a perpetrator, I never being as saksi " he said with so deep upset. By Tuti