N3 Payakumbuh - Bagodang (Big Fiesta) 3rd year 2017 Payakumbuh located in Ngalau Indah has been being held. In this time Bagodang Exhibition and Promotion of Regional Superior Products and Art Festival (01/11)

Assistant Deputy of Indonesian Development of Personal Market Segment Ministry of Tourism , Raseno Arya, Vice Mayor Erwin Yunaz, Dekranasda Chairman, Forkopimda Elements, Heads of Departments of Payakumbuh, LKAM, Bundo Kanduang, and Ninik Mamak of Payakumbuh

In his speech Roseno Arya said the tourism sector is a labor-intensive sector, solid creativity and able to absorb a lot of manpower. Building tourism will be able to accelerate the economic growth of a region.

"One of the supporters towards this is the existence of an airport, will further accelerate economic growth with high tourist visits, and for this Payakumbuh city it's time to have their own airport", said the Deputy Assistant of
Indonesian Development of Personal Market Segment of the Ministry of Tourism .

"Payakumbuh once planned to build its own airport, hopefully won’t stop", said Roseno Arya.

At the end of his speech Raseno Arya said, Payakumbuh local products have a tremendous market potential, especially Rendang who has received recognition from UNESCO as the delicious food in the world. "Bagodang" tourism event is expected to become a local product marketing Payakumbuh not only at the level of West Sumatra Province, but also at the National and International levels.

Vice Mayor of Payakumbuh, Erwin Yunaz in his speech said that the 3rd Bagodang event is helding in the framework of preservation and development of Regional Attractions and development and promotion of  small and medium enterprises in Payakumbuh, with various exhibitions, festivals and competitions.

"Hopefully this activity can introduce crafts, tourist attractions, city culture of Payakumbuh to the national level. This activity involves the exhibition of cultures presented by the junior and senior high schools in Payakumbuh, and will also perform traditional art festivals and competitions of other districts in West Sumatera,  said Erwin Yunaz ended his speech. (Rahmat Sitepu)