N3 Limapuluh Kota - The arrest of two students of Al Azhar University of Cairo by the Egyptian Security Forces made their parents shocked and approached the office of Regent Limapuluh Kota for help.

Two Indonesian students who came from Payakumbuh and Limapuluh Kota, named Nurul Islami Nagari Situjuah, Limapuluh Kota and Muhammad Hadi, Tigo Koto Diateh, Payakumbuh, were arrested in Samanud, a conflict and forbidden area.

Muhammad Hadi's mother, Murtalinda (47) and Nurul Islami's mother, Muharnis received in the room of Vice Regent of Limapuluh Kota to provide information about chronological arrest of their sons.

"The first time I got news of the arrest of Muhammad Hadi and Nurul Islami by the Egyptian security was obtained from his friend, Datuak, the citizens of Situjuah who are both studying in Egypt," explained Murtalinda.

"As parents, we feel anxious over the arrest of our son Muhammad Hadi and Nurul Islami. we do not know what the reason the Egyptian security forces arrested them", they asked.

Ferizal Ridwan who now serves as Regent of Limapuluh Kota, because Regent Irfendi Arbi, is performing the pilgrimage to Mecca, the two women hoped the District Government of Limapuluh Kota to help take care and relesae of their sons who are now detained by the Egyptian security.

"We hope our two sons who are studying at Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, are not deported before completing their education at the university," said Muharnis next to Murtalinda.

Vice Regent Ferizal Ridwan promised to take full advantage of the potential ways to take care of the two students of Luak Limopuluah, either through the family line, the Embassy, ​​the PTNU Organization in Egypt, the Family Association and Minang Students in Egypt, and all parties in Egypt.

Ferizal Ridwan expects the family to be patient with this situation. "We will continue to confirm update situation of the two students and make sure that they are fine, through the existing government channel", he said.(Rahmat Sitepu)