N3 Limapuluh Kota – Pasa Harau Culture and Art Festival 2017 held from 25 to 27 August 2017 located in the Harau valley invite the arrival of hundreds of visitors from various corners of the region including from Jakarta and abroad.

Various cultural attractions such as traditional silat, traditional dance performed to visitors amazed for those who have never seen such event . One of them Flying Duck Race, where ducks released flying within a predetermined distance of 800 meters, 1000 meters, and 1500 meters.

One visitor from Sydney Australia Juliette,  was very impressed with this attraction. "This is the first time for me to see a flying duck like this", she said. Juliette did not expect that ducks could be taught to fly to reach a predetermined finish line. “As far as I know only grouse can fly. Here I see the people can train the duck to fly, It’s amazing !”, she added.

"There 40 total ducks that participated in the duck flying race. With a distance capability of 800 meters  to 2000 meters. Participants of these flying ducks coming from some arena of Luak Limopuluah Region ", said W. Dt. Sutan Bandaro vice chairman of Rainbond - a collection of flying duck trainer arena of Luak Limopuluah Region.

Chairman of PORTI of Limapuluh Kota Y. Dt. Parmato Alam said the participation of Porti district of Limapuluh Kota this time in order to enliven the Pasa Harau Art and Culture Festival 2017. This as one of the participants showcasing the attraction of the culture of Luak Limopuluah Region.

"We expect in the future this traditional duck flying race will become a popular icon of tourism from Luak Limopuluah Region which will attract local and foreign tourists, said Dt. Permato Alam.(Rahmat Sitepu)