N3 Payakumbuh - In associated with the plan of the General Hospital Adnan WD of Payakumbuh to relocate the incinerator to Padang Karambia Village, Payakumbuh Selatan District. Apparently the plan was rejected by local residents.

A number of residents of Padang Karambia Village, expressly request to the Adnan WD Payakumbuh Hospital to find another location as a place of burning medical waste. "We expressly reject Padang Karambia Village as the location of the burning of medical waste," said A. Dt Leloanso, a public figure of Padang Karambia on Tuesday (25/7).  

According to Dt. Leloanso, Padang Karambia which is now a Final Disposal Site of 4 districts in West Sumatera, even medical waste is much more dangerous than ordinary trash.

"Hospital waste belonging to B-3 waste is dangerous and toxic. This waste is much worse than the usual waste, "he explained. 

So the impact of burning medical waste is detrimental to the community of  Padang Karambia. "With the making of Padang Karambia as a waste landfill in West Sumatera we are already overwhelmed. Especially now added for the burning of hospital waste, "he said again. 

Not only hospital waste, but the wastes from every health centers in Payakumbuh City will also be taken to Padang Karambia. "What's our village gonna be !", worried Dt Lelo Anso.

Moreover, the location for incinerator development plan is quite close to the settlement of Padang Karambia residents. "The effects of burning this medical waste that we feared and impact on the surrounding community," Dt. Leloanso said.

"if  General Hospital Adnan WD Payakumbuh and Payakumbuh Goverment insisted to make Padang Karambia as the location of burning hospital waste. Himself along with several other Padang Karambia residents will be fenced back the road to TPA Garbage Regional Payakumbuh as well as incinerator development site. 

Meanwhile the Head of Payakumbuh City Health Office, Elzadaswarman said, incinerator relocation of general hospital  Adnan WD Payakumbuh still in the stage of discussion and planning. "This is only limited to the discussion," said Head of Payakumbuh Health Office on Monday (24/7) afternoon. 

"Incinerator of general hospital Adnan WD Payakumbuh must be moved to a new location. Considering the incinerator is not currently available which is located in the hospital environment and is located around the densely populated area", said Elazadaswarman.(Rahmat Sitepu)