N3 Payakumbuh - One house in Rt 02 Rw 02 urban village Nunang Daya Bangun Payakumbuh wiped out in the fire on Thursday, 18/05. The wooden house occupied by Pano (20) who daily works as a parking attendant and his sister Falen.
A blazing fire was discovered at 9:30 am by the uncle of Hermon's (53) survivor who happened to be staying there. Hermon initially saw a cloud of smoke coming from Falen's bedroom. When he tried to open the door of the room the fire grabbed his face and caused a burn on the forehead. Then Hermon summoned his neighbor Dasril for help.
Not long after the fire team whose office was not far from the scene trying to extinguish the fire. The fire location behind the shophouses of Ahmad Yani road makes the officers difficult because there is no road access for fire trucks. About five units of fire engines are deployed to extinguish the blaze. The fire was extinguished half an hour later after the authorities and the public shoulder to shoulder to extinguish the fire.
The cause of the fire is not yet known and as a result of the fire, one unit of the house and its contents burned, except for one motorcycle unit that was rescued by the citizens. Police officers installed police line at the scene. Payakumbuh city  police chief of Kompol Russirwan who was in the fire location said this incident is under investigation. "We are investigating the cause of this fire. Fortunately there were no casualties in this incident ", he said. (Rahmat Sitepu)