N3 Payakumbuh - Branch Leadership Board (DPC) Gerindra Payakumbuh Party, H. Nusyirwan and Secretary Awaluddin NS, pointed Mawi Etek Arianto as Chairman of Gerindra Party Faction in Parliament Payakumbuh replace Drs. Fitrial Bachri who has quit as a member of Parliament Payakumbuh for running as Vice Mayor on “Pilkada Serentak “ on February 15, 2017 ago.

Along with the determination of Mawi Etek Arianto as Chairman of Gerindra Parliament Faction  Payakumbuh, DPC Gerindra Payakumbuh City also filed Aprizal M, legislative candidate number 5 on 2014 with the majority vote of the second electoral district III East Payakumbuh District and District Payakumbuh Selatan as Substitute Inter Time (PAW) member of Parliament Gerindra Faction City Payakumbuh replace Fitrial Bachri.

Chairman of DPC Gerindra Payakumbuh, H. Nusyirwan and Secretary Awaluddin NS in a copy letter delivered to DPP Gerindra in Jakarta, DPD Gerindra West Sumatra, West Sumatra Governor, Mayor and Chairman of the Payakumbuh KPU asked the Chairman of Parliament Payakumbuh in order to perform the inauguration process of Interim Substitute Time (PAW) Aprizal M according to the rules of Parliament Payakumbuh and applicable Law.

Sekwan Parliament Payakumbuh, Erwan. SIP was accompanied by Head of Law and Trial of Prima Yanuarita and Head of Sub Division of Public Relations and Protocol, Adrizon, confirmed that there has been a submission letter submitted PAW board member Gerindra Payakumbuh DPC.

"Currently, Parliament Payakumbuh is preparing the inauguration process of the PAW, hopefully the process runs smoothly" hope Adrizon (Rahmat Sitepu)