N3, Limapuluh Kota - The culinary festival held by Limapuluh Kota regency through the Department of Tourism and Sports, in commemoration of the 176th anniversary of this year, took place in the Harau Valley. A total of 10 teams of participants who became the representatives of each nagari were designated as winners in the nagari-level cooking competition of Limapuluh Kota District.

Regent of Limapuluh Kota, Irfendi Arbi, congratulate and appreciate the culinary festival and cooking competition of West Sumatran level which was initiated by the Tourism and Sports Service on Tuesday (19/4). "I congratulate the winners who have followed this culinary and satay festival event. Through this culinary event, Limapuluh Kota regency can be glimpsed by the eyes of the world, "said Irfendi in his speech.

Irfendi hope, Culinary festival of typical cuisine of Limapuluh Kota can be a tourist attraction in addition to preserving regional specialties. In addition to promoting the potential tourist destinations Harau Valley to other areas, visitors from outside the area can be more familiar with the typical culinary in Luak Nan Bungsu. He also believes, the potential of tourism can encourage economic improvement of society.

Irfendi noticed, Culinary Festival with the concept of 'Harau toward the World' can really socialize the potential of tourism to all directions. In fact, this event was reviewed directly by the minister of PP-PA, Yohana Yembise. He hoped that the promotion event could affect tourists' interest in the Harau Valley. "So make Limapuluh Kota as a destination for traveler ," said Bupati.

Head of Tourism Dispora Limapuluh Kota, Nengsih said, in addition to enliven the anniversary of Limapuluh Kota District, culinary festival can also to increase the interest of tourists to Limapuluh Kota. "Actually a lot of potential and attraction to increase tourism in our area. Like culinary, we deserve to develop together, "said Nengsih, who is also chairman of the organizing committee of the festival.

She detailed that of 79 teams of nagari participants who follow the Culinary Festival or a typical cuisine competition of Limapuluh Kota regency, the jury establishes 10 nagari as the winners. The ten nagari, including Nagari Tanjung Balik, Lubuak Batingkok, Nagari VIII Koto, Nagari Harau and Nagari Lubuak Alai.

Then, Nagari Batu Hampa, Nagari Muaro Paiti, Nagari Durian Gadang, Nagari Koto Tangah and Nagari Taram. Meanwhile, for the winner of the best 'festival satay' in the West Sumatra level successfully achieved by City Sawahlunto, Agam regency, Tanah Datar regency. The favorite winner is achieved by Payakumbuh and Pariaman.

"The jury has announced the winner of the typical culinary festival of Limapuluh Kota. From the 79 Nagari who participated, there are 10 Nagari who came out as the best culinary champion. We have also get 5 cities and regencies for the winners of the Sate festival in West Sumatera, '' continued Nengsih. (Rahmat Sitepu)

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