N3, Sikakap- There's something special in every work visit of Vice Governour. He always does discussion through coordinated meeting of all sectors to adjust the locations which are not exist. He doesn't  need special room or location as in the shop, under the tent or enjoyable sitting in a shack like in SKPT Sikakap North Pagai, Mentawai several times ago.

Vice Governour Nasrul Abit in every occasion said in his last visit with Minister of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Susi Pudjiastuti will come to Sikakap Mentawai in the nearest time.

The arrival of Susi is related to the Fishery Centre and Coordinated Fishery Sikakap as a place of economic growth and tourism object. Therefore, she expects the government of  Mentawai must do inovation and creativity with the local people in order to make how this area is safe, comfortable and interesting for people who want to visit.

We're optimistic that the SKPD location could be as a magnetism and center growth of productivity to enhance marine and fishery potential in the Western region of Indonesia. If it is happening, so the welfare of the Mentawai Islands will be increase automatically.

The local people must be able to exploit the potential of the sea as a source of decent living, to maintain the sustainability of the marine environment, coral reefs, magroves and natural sources. It is also hoped that the local people be able to catch tuna fish in seashore and Sikakap Port would be as a export and trading center, said Nasrul Abit.

Vice Governor Nasrul Abit also said that  local people do not talk about wood anymore, but making a new thing to gain life prosperity.

There are approximately 47 years of timber production in Sikakap by Minas Lumber company today, but it does not give meaningful benefits for the welfare of the local people.

It's really need to understand and equate perception how to change the mindset, style of work, behavior as a way to follow the time's changing , as  " Jaman Now " ,   said by Nasrul Abit.

Nasrul Abit also said that the development of Integrated Fisheries Sentra (SKPT) in Sikakap includes of Cultivation, Capture Fisheries, Fishery Ports with existing Fishery port facilities like quayside along 50 M, is proposed more 50 meters to 100 meters, Iced cubes Factory capacity 15 ton, since there is no electric power from PLN make them do not operate well, often failure power also make failure of making ice cubes production, even some of them iced could be liquid again.

Based on the report of Head UPTD Port of Sikakap, in producting ice cubes must report to PLN first, if PLN able to 500 KVA. If it is able so the factory runs well and if PLN can't  so the factory can not runs well even fisherman need ice cubes

This problem must be handled immediately so that the ice cubes factories could be productive well, and we order the Marine Service to make a letter to the CTF requesting the procurement of 300 KVA capacity generator which is in the 2019' budget, he said. Zrd/Tuti