N3, Jakarta  ~ The Governour of West Sumatra Governour Irwan Prayitno, became a leader who is supported by West Sumatera' s citizen as a proof his success in two periods. There have been many achievements and national awards that he got for West Sumatera. He proving it again with an award on " Individual Achievers : Best Achiever In Regional Leader category " in the Obsession Awards 2018.

" I selected in the category of  Best Achiever In Regional Leader in Obsession Awards 2018 , it is a motivation, which is Awards as an assessment for the Head of Region who is considered good in managing local government organizations either in the province or in regency / city. Through this award we should be grateful and proud, " said Governour of West Sumatra, Irwan Prayitno after receiving the award on Thursday (22/3) at Hotel Kempinski, Central Jakarta.

Furthermore, he adds this assessment not only how to managing regional government organizations. But also this other component of assessment  succeeded in managing the region. It is aims that success is in poverty alleviation.

"From the data is got by the Obsession Awards assessment teams, the number of poor people in West Sumatra has been declined since the first year I am being  governour in 2011. In fact, the latest data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) West Sumatra showed the poor population has been declined ," he said.

In fact, Irwan said from West Sumatra BPS notes that the poor population in the province amounted to 364,513 people in March 2017 or reduced by 11,997 people compared to September 2016.

Added Irwan, there are number of factors which is affected the decline of poor people in West Sumatra which are during the period January to March 2017 rate recorded only 0.37 percent low inflation relatively.

"Regional inflation in rural areas in March 2017 was only 0.41 percent while in September 2016 it was 0.76 percent," he said.

Then, West Sumatra's trade balance from January to March 2017 surplus is amounted to 493.8 million US dollars or got an increase compared to the previous period which only 272.79 US dollars.

Not only that, the unemployment rate in West Sumatra in February 2017 also decreased from 5.81 percent in February 2016 to 5.80 percent in February 2017. Then, the farmer's exchange rate in March 2017 was also more great than 98.19 which is compared to September is at 97.81. In fact, the West Sumbar farmer's business exchange rate in March 2017 reached 109.50 or more great than September 2016 which is reached 108.2.

On the other hand, Media Director of Obsession Media Group, Sahrudi Rais mentioned that the " Obsession Awards 2018 " is an appreciation given to those who have an achievement  throughout 2017, based on a number of categories. The awarding of the winners of each category is based on judging of the chief editor of Obsession Media Group in cooperation with Indonesia Research and Survey (IReS) and communications & political consultant agency Citra Marketing Communications (Cmarcomm).

"So, this award is a consistency in displaying inspirational figures from various backgrounds and based on a commitment to continue to give an appreciation for who have spread  inspiration for a wide audience," he said.

Furthermore Sahrudi said the election of West Sumatra Governour Irwan Prayitno as the recipient of the Award Obsession Awards 2018, the category of Best Achiever In Regional Leader with an extraordinary achievements carved by Irwan in two periods of his leadership. Both in terms of government performance and success in the development of both efforts in poverty alleviation in West Sumatera.

"There are several assessment indicators conducted by the judges so we set the Governour of West Sumatera as the recipient of the Obsession Awards 2018 Award on the Individual Achievers : Best Achiever In Regional Leader category, besides the indicators is above, we also make sure that the figure we give the grace who is not involved in corruption or indication of corruption " : he said. Rel
Editor : Tuty