N3 Payakumbuh - At first hunting activity using hunting dogs is done solely to repel wild boar disturbing agricultural land that is still much found in rural areas because it is close to the forest.

Over the time this wild boar hunting activity began to shift into a routine habit even in some areas developed into a tradition in the community. Implementation in wild boar hunting in each region has its own characteristics because of the different types of jungle that exist, especially in West Sumatra.

If in other areas the hunting of wild boars is done by several people, using spears and sharp bullets, in West Sumatra the practice involves hundreds to thousands of people. Farmers, traders, civil servants to officials, regardless of their social status blend into one in the hunting area.

What is unique about the wild boar hunting activities in West Sumatra involves a dog as a hunting animal. The hunting dogs they use are not the usual ones, for the rich sometimes they are willing to spend millions of dollars to buy to have a good dog and very well trained.

"Usually the wild boar hunters in West Sumatra bring dogs from the island of Java for reasons of dog race because it has a good body, nimble and good endurance," said Robby a practitioner hunting wild boar.

These wild boar hunting activities are commonly done on holidays, in the morning the hunters will move directly to a predetermined location, they leave in groups using a pickup or minibus that the hunters rent, to get to the hunting location.

Hunters with trained dogs can walk as far as 3 kilometers. In the forest they are divided into several groups so that the target of the hunt can be besieged, if the target of wild boar hunting has been seen then the hunters will release their dogs to catch up.

The cheers of the hunter's voice will burst in the accompaniment of the sound of dog howling, they work together to make the targeted boar go unnoticed. Sometimes hunted wild boars are caught and bitten by hunting dogs before they are discovered by hunters, until the late afternoon the hunters can sometimes catch up to dozens of boars in a single hunt.

"At the hunting of wild boar in Payakumbuh this city we will release the desire of the hunters as the celebration of Payakumbuh City anniversary and also to welcome the new year 2018," added Robby. (Rahmat Sitepu)