N3 Payakumbuh - At a Bajamba meal as one of event of Payakumbuh Bamboo Fesrival 2017 held in the dried rice field area in Ampangan, one of the Observer Dharmasiswa from ISI Padang Panjang had eaten large plate full of jengkol curry. (02/12)

Rado Macecek -student from Cheko says he really likes jengkol curry. The first time he tasted the deliciousness of jengkol curry in his boarding place of  Padang Panjang.

Students majoring in traditional arts are very fond of Ranah Minang cuisine filled with natural spice seasoning and processing wholeheartedly by the mothers who cook it.

"I see the culinary tradition in Ranah Minang is full of nuances of affection and innocence of high value", he said.

"If we are invited to have meal then what is served is always delicious, especially if there is served with jengkol curry," Rado added.

For the sake of jengkol curry of  Ranah Minang with incredible delicious taste,  then next year I will return to Indonesia," he expected.(Rahmat Sitepu)

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