N3, Limapuluhkota - As a form of prevention of violence and deviant behavior of children, Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (PPA), Yohana Yembise held a joint commitment Limapuluh Kota District Government to make Eligible Children District. Tuesday (18/4) in the hall of the office of Regent, Sarilamak.

The shape of this commitment, marked by the inauguration of the 12 Child Friendly Health Center (PRA), 10 Child Friendly Schools (CFS) and 6 sub-district and Nagari worth a decent children (Kelana). At the inauguration of the respective parties agreed commitment for child-friendly programs.

Ten health centers that are committed namely, Puskesmas Tanjuang Pati, Banja Laweh, Mungo, Halaban, Taram, Danguang-danguang, Suliki, Batu Hampar, and Piladang.

While the ten schools that commit namely, SMAN 1 Subdistrict Harau, SMAN 2 Subdistrict Harau, SMAN 1 Subdistrict Guguak, SMAN 1 Subdistrict Payakumbuh, SMPN 1 subdistrict Payakumbuh, SMPN 3 Subdistrict Payakumbuh, SMPN 1 Subdistrict Harau, SMPN1 Subdistrict Luak, SMPN 2 Suliki , SDN 1 Sarilamak, SDN 3 Mungo, SDN 4 Andaleh, SDN 1 Tanjuang Pauh and SDN 4 Sarilamak. Minister Yohana welcomed by dozens of boys and girls from elementary school (SD), junior high and high school.

In her speech, the minister Yohana said children in the district Limapuluh Kota need protection from various forms of violence. So also with due regard to the behavior of children for the sake of his future.

"Violence against women and children in Indonesia is still high. Therefore, the need for the government's role of parents and communities in protecting children from violence to avoid other dangers" the minister said.

She explained that all parties must pay attention to the rights of these children, as well as the dangers that would ruin his future. he said today that become frightening the people to change the behavior of children is the influence of drugs and the world of technology.
"Today, almost every region in Indonesia circulated illicit goods. Worse, with the advancement of technology also makes it easier to open a porn video. To that end, lest they be affected by this negative smell those things" she said.

In the future, Yohana also asked all parties that emphasize a commitment to creating Limapuluh kota counties eligible children, provide facilities and playground for children. "I believe that if the district is serious fight for the rights of the child is not likely to realize the counties eligible children materialized" she said.

Meanwhile, the Regent Irfendi Arbi said in his speech in the presence of ministers in the district he leads will make its own motivation to make district Limapuluh Kota as one of the eligible children. "The presence of Mrs.Ministers will make the motivation for us to realize the district is worthy of children", said Regent.

He said that, during the regency government continues to push Limapuluh Kota variety of programs to protect the rights of children and women, "Now we have made local regulations protection of mothers and children" said the Regent.

In addition, He requires all parties are committed to immediately take strategic steps in addressing the problems faced by women and children, and take full responsibility in providing services to women and children in various aspects of life. (Rahmat Sitepu)