N3 Limapuluh Kota - The Tour de Singkarak 2017 is one of the official cycling championships of the International Cycling Union International Union (UCI), which is attended by 20 teams from 36 countries (14 Team International and 6 Local Team)

Tour de Singkarak 2017 Stage 7 which would be started at the Harau Valley Area of ​​Limapuluh Kota Regency on Friday (22/11) at around 14.00 WIB would certainly be giving its own impression to dozens of cyclists from various foreign countries as participants at this annual event.

Nengsih, Head of Tourism Division of Limapuluh Kota Regency said that  the route of Tour de Singkarak (TdS) 2017 Stage 7 will will pass through five amazing tourist spots namely the Harau Valley, Kelok Sembilan Railway, Bukik Bulek in Taram, Kapalo Banda and Batang Tabik.

In addition to being a means of enjoying the sights and experiences for cyclists and their team officials. From the five tourist spots passed by Tour de Singkarak participants (TDS 2017) would be a good spot for the perpetrators of photography.

"With the photographs produced by photographers from five tourist spots. It is expected later that the photo will be spread everywhere and inspire for local and foreign tourists to visit the District of Limapuluh Kota ", Nengsih hope. (Rahmat Sitepu)